Sunday 12 August 2012


Mariehøj Nature Playground (Mariehøj Naturlegeplads)

Neuro research shows that movement helps the brain to learn more effectively, especially for children. Thus active play aids brain development in young children, and adults for that matter. Physical play can strengthen the so-called bridge between the right and left side of the brain. The right side is the creative side and the left side is the logical side. These two parts must work together for the brain to be good at Maths, reading and writing. The Mariehøj Natural Playground is an excellent playground in this regard.

We brought J to the obstacle course Mariehøj Natural Playground so that he could develop his gross motor skills. The playground 21.5 km north of Copenhagen in Holte is beautifully situated in the old apple orchard.  The playground has a focus on outdoor activities, play, movement and physical activity with nature and landscape experiences. It is an excellent obstacle course for 3 to 12 year olds, with various obstacles such as tribal forest on the hill or the balance beam with roller rocker. On the playground you can climb the towers with nets and follow the Earth's Track. 

In June 2007 Mariehøj Natural Playground was widened to include TusindbenRuten, which is a natural, experience and movement route for children and young at heart. It is a 1000m nature trail “TusindbenRuten” i.e. the Thousand Legs Trail for children, where you both get around in the woods, up on Mariehøj, down by the lake and around the apple orchard together with King Thousand Legs and his friends.

There are tables and benches associated with the playground and ideal for a picnic under the apple trees, especially in May bloom beautifully throughout the area.


Here are some videos we have taken:

How to get there?


Mariehøj Natural Playground,
Øverødvej 246 A in Gl Holte
2840 Holte
Tel. 45466278

You will find Mariehøj Nature Playground at Cultural Mariehøj and Holtegaard. Access to the playground is via Cultural Mariehøj’s blue entrance on Øverødvej 246A in Gl Holte. You drive down the road to the sign on your right.

Bus 197 stop directly outside.


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