Friday 13 December 2013


Best Fun & Educational Toys (11 Years Old)

1. LEGO Technic

2. Algebra Balance

The Algebra Balance is an excellent toy which allows you to demonstrate that –1<0. Weights placed on the outer pans represent negative integers, and those placed in the inner pans represent positive integers, making it possible to demonstrate that (–1)+(+1)=0. The set comes with 4 plastic pans, 4 plastic canisters, a set of plastic weights and a Teaching Guide. Ages 11 up:

3. Magnetic Algebra Tiles

These magnetic geometric shapes are great for modeling algebraic principles. Students get to build geometric models of polynomials exploring firsthand the concepts related to them. Students will learn concepts related to the Zero Principle, Polynomials and Trinomials. Addition, multiplication and other math skills will be sharpened using nearly 30 algebra worksheets featured in this 48-page book. Teaching Notes included. Ages 11 to 17 :


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