Friday 13 December 2013


Best Fun & Educational Toys (5 Years Old)


1. Board Games

2. Science Experiments

3. Human Biology

4. Plant Science

5. Navigation Science

6. Magnetism

7. Montessori Hundred Board

Below are various variation of the Montessori Hundred Board. They are a good tool for introducing numbers 1-100 in a logical way, teaching number patterns, sequencing and place value. Ages 5 - 10.

8. Montessori Pythagoras Board

The child chooses a wooden answer chip, thinks of a multiplication equation that produces this product, then places the chip in the correct position on the ruled board. Ages 4 up:

9. Montessori Teens and Tens Boards

The Teen Boards - To make the association of the names 11-19 with written figures. When used with the teen bead box, it helps make the association between the numbers and the quantities 11-19. Tens Boards - When used with the tens bead box, the child learns to associate quantities with the figures 11-99. To gain a thorough understanding of sequence:

10. Montessori Decimal System

It enhances the understanding of place value, arithmetic, decimals, fractions, percents, money, maths and more:

This is similar to the Montessori elementary materials introduction to decimal system, which much cheaper:

Here is the interlocking version:

Here are some unit cubes that can be clinked together on all 6 sides to make into bars and thousand cubes:

11. Money Dominos

Teaching money in a fun way:

12. Magnetic World Map Puzzle

This is a great toy to teach about the different countries in the world. The fact that it is magnetic means it is difficult to lose the pieces. Games to play with it - I take away four countries and ask your child what they are. Gradually make it harder for the child as he gets older. Test each other on the flags and continents. Ages 5 - 10:

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