Friday 6 December 2013


Folding Geometric Shapes

Age: From 4 years old

1. To give the child a meaningful experience through play a feel of shapes, volume and geometry.

Learning Resources Folding Geometric Shapes

1. Matching the inserts with the shape containers.

Here is a video of J playing with it.

Additional Information:
I bought this when J was 3 years old, but kept it until today before I let him try. I displayed it on his toy rotation shelf and he picked it today. This learning toy is meant for kids from Grade 2, but it is fun for 4-5 years old. They can start by matching the inserts with the shape containers, getting a feel through play the different geometric shapes, the volume. When the inserts are folded flat, it is fun for them to guess which of them could fit into which shape when folded. Through play, it is sub-consciously preparing him for geometry.

It is available from Amazon:

5.12.2013 - And at cleaning up, the shapes could also be matched with the packaging

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