Saturday 28 December 2013


LEGO Board Game: Shave the Sheep/Wild Wool

Age: From 4 years old (although package says from 5 years old)

1. Provide training for fine motor skills from building the lego items.
2. Teach turn-taking and sharing.

Players try to steal wool and sheep from others, and the player with the most wool wins the game.

Here is how it is played:

1. First, build the 4 sheeps and a wolf from the lego bricks.

2. Next, build the dice.

3. Each player gets a sheep without the wool.

4. Each player takes turn to throw the dice:
- if one gets a white side, one gets to put 1 block of wool on one's sheep (if one gets 2x white, one gets to put 2 blocks of wool on one's sheep).
- if one gets a pink side, one gets to shave the sheep and keep the wool that adds to final count.
- if one gets a green side, one exchanges its sheep with another player's sheep.
- if one gets a grey side, one has to shave the sheep and return the wool to the wolf which deposits them back to the central pile.

5. Once the central pile of wool is depleted, the player with the most blocks of wool wins the game.

Additional Information:
I like the fact that this is both a Lego and a board game at the same time, providing dual benefits and giving value for money. This game is a good way to provide some wholesome family fun during family night or family week and easy for younger children to understand the game. It is a pretty cute game and provides the usual Lego fun of building the toy, and at the same time, provides a way to play with the built items as a board game. They are great as party presents too.

I bought this game to play with my nieces and nephews when we visit Singapore, but J saw it and repeatedly requested to (4Y9M23D) to play this game with Daddy today. Unfortunately, it was not such a good day for him, as he was overtired from the festive parties, and was rather cranky. He wasn't so keen to build the sheep or his own sheep (unlike the Lego Advent Calendar, where he was very interested to build the pieces). I stopped the game, when he threw the dice in a rather hard manner despite repeated requests to stop. He later regretted and wanted to continue the game, but faced the consequences that the time has gone.

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