Thursday 26 December 2013


Fun with Making Homemade Coins

Age: From 4 years old
1. Provide a fun way of training pencil grip and coloring.
2. Strengthen fine motor skills with cutting with scissors.
3. Provide a fun way to learn about money.
4. Finished work serve as toy money for "Supermarket" play or for a reward system in exchange for rewards.
1. 1 white paper
2. A few different color pencils.
3. 1 hole puncher (optional)
4. 1 pair of scisssors
5. Some coins for tracing
6. 1 tray
1. Demonstrate by tracing a coin with color pencil and cutting out the coin.
2. Encourage and assist your child to try.
Video Demonstrations:
Additional Information:
I gave J red packets with coins for Chinese New Year, which he saves in his piggybank. Recently, he asked when he would be getting more coins. I said that we have to wait until Chinese new year. He said that it is too dangerous to get real money and that he would like to have some toy money, which he learned to make at the kindergarten. It was the day after Christmas today, and I didn't have to wrok. So we sat down together and made some toy money together. This was a new way of doing it, which was different from his kindergarten. It was fun and we really enjoyed it.
I intend to use the toy money we made for Choices rewards. If J helps with family chores * at all such as assisting in washing the car, assisting in folding others' clothes, assisting in clearing table, etc. he will get a toy coin. He can accumulate it and exchange it for something in our "store" that we intend to set up. In this way, hopefully he will learn the value of labor and wise use of money.
* Note: This does not apply to his personal chores such as making his own bed, dressing up, etc. as it will be a bribery to earn money on what he is supposed to do.

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