Monday 16 December 2013


J Summary (4Y9M11D) - J's Very First Piano Performance at the Christmas Concert

I was off today and spent the day with J, instead of putting him at the kindergarten. We had a slow breakfast and breakfast devotion together, where I read from a book and the Bible. J opened his Christmas Lego Calendar after breakfast. He played with LEGO. We practised the piano and the 2 songs that he would be playing this evening at the Christmas concert. It went very well, and we did not have to spend so much time practising. J worked on the Teen Board & Beads, this time around in Danish. The next session hopefully sometime this week will be in English. We made pancakes together. J loves to help me with it. We ate the pancakes for lunch. Thereafter, we went to Lyngby Store Center to see the Christmas Village display. We also went to H&M and I bought him a pair of McQueen homeshoes. J loves McQueen. This was a reward for him for doing so well with his piano practice and Montessori Maths. He really put in good effort, although it takes quite a bit of repetition for him to remember the numbers in Danish. He is better with the numbers in Mandarin. We went for Suzuki piano class thereafter, and it went very well. The Suzuki-method teacher, Katrine, was very happy with him and gave him 30 points and a sticker. We went for the Christmas Concert, where J performed two pieces. It went very well. J played with slowly, calmly and smoothly, although it was not perfect, and he did make some errors, but he was very calm about it. His Finnish-method piano teacher, Kati, was very happy with him. I want to remember today. It was such a joy to be able to spend time with our child. I am very grateful to have this opportunity, although I am not sure how long this will last, and that I have to return to work full-time. I truely enjoy being with J and I pray and hope that my part-time arrangement will last.

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