Saturday 28 December 2013


J Summary (4Y9M22D) - December 2013

I hardly have the time to paint with J. J suggested to do so on 27 Dec. 2013. It was very nice to have the time and enjoy the day with J, also painting. I think it was the first time this year that we painted together, and thus I wanted to have this picture for memory.
December was a very hectic month, but also a very cosy month with lots of Christmas activities. We did many things (playing with geometric shapes, playing with Lego advent calendar, making pancakes, Christmas cookies, some Montessori, excavating crystals, making necklaces, performing at the Christmas concert for both Chinese school and music school, playground, candlelight Christmas service, visit to the Santa Land at Lyngby Store Center, playdates with Sebastien, Silas and Liam, etc.) Some pictures below pictures and more pictures here for memories:

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