Monday 10 February 2014


How to Choose Color Pencils for Kids?

It may seem silly and trivial to write a post on such a simple product, but color pencils, oh they have given us much "trials and tribulations!" Furthermore, it is a weekly requirement as part of his music class homework to do coloring, so I better take color pencils seriously.

(Ok, you may ask what has coloring got to do with music and piano class? I asked the same question. Apparently according to the music school, coloring helps to develop focus and self-discipline. According to the principal, the results of the coloring is not too overly important, but it is the process that counts. Make sure to encourage follow-through in your child, and make sure that it is the first thing your child does after the music class, and not last minute before the next class)

Now back to the topic of coloring, ever wonder why your children don't like coloring?

Here are a list of tips I have learned from the mistakes I have made along the way. I am jotting it down to prevent myself from making the same mistakes again (when I become a grandmother and doing coloring with my grandchild :-) and if I could prevent others from making the same mistakes:

1. Choose a good brand

Try not to stint on this. It's very important to select good quality color pencils. I learned it the hard way.

When J tried to color, the color was very faint. He had to use a lot of strength, and got tired. Both J and I got frustrated, and there goes our coloring session :-(

But alas, choosing a good brand is not easy. I have tried quite a few (painful to think of all the money that went down the drain.)

A good brand to buy is Faber-Castell, which is the best so far. It is not the most expensive, but the color comes through nicely, without burning a hole buying the artist grade ones.

2. Don't buy it in paper packaging

If you can avoid it, try not to buy it in paper packaging that you need to slot up and down, as it is very troublesome. Buy it in a metal or wooden case that display the color pencils on a flat row.

3. Don't display it in a can

For the same reason, don't display it in a can. It is messy and does not provide a good overview.

Display it on a flat row provides a good overview and makes it easy for your child to choose colors. Furthermore, it is much more pleasing to look at, encouraging your child to do his coloring.

Don't worry about arranging it by color. If it is not according to color, it will still give a good overview.

4. Find a spot for it that is accessible to your child

Don't put it in a pencil case. Find a spot that is accessible to your child, where it is at his height, and he can independently store it back.

One set for J's bedroom upstairs
One set for J's playroom downstairs
At 5 years old, J is really into coloring now. So I am really glad that I have switched to a better quality set of color pencils. 

Faber-Castell color pencils is available from Amazon:

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