Saturday 8 February 2014


Maths Curriculum During School Time

For Maths, we are currently using a few different medium (namely Chinese workbooks, Singapore Maths, Montessori, pretend play and iPad), currrently focusing on counting numbers 1-100 and simple addition.
1. Chinese Workbook
J loves to do his Chinese workbook best, because it is very colorful.
2. English Maths Workbook by Fairfield Publishers
J also loves this English Maths workbook, and is willing to do it, whenever I asked him.
It is colorful and present the materials in a simple, clear and progressive way. However, it is a little too simple, and does not equal to kindergarten kids' level in Singapore. Whenever, he refuses to do his Singapore Maths Assessment books, I will be contented with the Chinese workbook and this Maths workbook.
3. Montessori Maths
To make it more interesting and for manipulative, I included Montessori Maths in our Maths School Time. Usually we will do at least a page of Maths workbook a day, and when Mommy has more time, we will work on Montessori. Currently, we are on Hundred Board, not because J is still struggling with this, but because I don't have the time to look into other Montessori Maths activities yet. Also because I think J still needs to revise his numbers 1-100.
I like the way Montessori making abstract Maths concept very concrete for the children, and I like the fact that it allow the child to touch and move numbers that a workbook could not.

4. Singapore Maths Workbook by EPH
This is the Singapore Kindergarten Maths. It is very comprehensive, creative and covers many ground in a clear, simple and very easy to understand and follow manner for the child (no wonder Singapore kids score so high in PISA). However, it is very boring, because it is black and white, and the illustrations are not as attractive as the above Chinese and Maths workbooks.
Singapore keeps the cost down by making it black-and-white and covers many things in a page, so that as many masses can afford it as possible. But for the less self-motivated children and the late developers, a more expensive and colorful presentation would really help a lot.
I am using this, because I think it is important to train a child to be self-discipline, and not just rely on fun and interesting workbook.
Also because I do not want J to fall too far behind the kindergarten-age kids in Singapore... So, if he is willing to do one page a week, I will be contented. But if he only does 1 page a week, he will surely fall behind the Singapore kids. But it is a fact that I have to accept, living in Denmark.
5. Grocery Store Pretend Play

Learning Maths through Grocery Store Pretend Play is what J prefers the most. In order not to squash his interest in learning, I also included such fun game, and hope to increase it as far as time permit (I am after all a working woman, even though I have now started to work part-time! Oh how I wish to be a stay-at-home-mom!)

6. iPad Maths Application

I recently started letting him learn Maths using iPad. He is usually the most motivated using the iPad. But I don't think iPad can replace the workbooks, because it is not so comprehensive enough. It is good as a supplement.
I think I am crazy wanting to have it all - workbooks, Montessori, pretend play and iPad. But I think they each have their strengths and weaknesses and they each serve their purpose. Now the challenge is how I can pull it through and have the wisdom to know when does what. It is daily praying to God to help me through, and to correct the effects, when I make mistakes.
Whenever I am too much into something, God would send people to remind me. Whenever I forgot something, God would also send people to give me ideas how to move things forward. For example, for some time last year, I did not do any Montessori at all. I was just frozen. Then God sent this overseas colleague that I met at a workshop. She started talking about her kids (who are now grown) doing Montessori. That I knew, but I have somehow forgot.
But as J grows, I have forgotten to tidy and update the Montessori storage that led me to laziness and dread, each time I have to prepare an activity, and as such I stopped doing it. That led me to organize J's playroom and making a Montessori corner as our Montessori Classrooom.
She suggested that I display everything out simple and neatly in the shelf and let J pick. She suggested that I should just start playing and working with Montessori materials myself, and slowly J would be curious and would want to know more. Then I could demonstrate.
Oh I truly thank God for His gentle reminders and ideas, through people He put in my path. I am still not doing everything right and I am still not doing everything perfect, but God is helping me through day-by-day as I continue to learn to rely on Him and trust Him. That brings much peace-of-mind.

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  1. Hello, I would like to ask a question. My cousins (grades 3, 9, 10 and 12 (going to university in the fall) would like to strengthen their Maths abilities. Do you by any chance have any Singaporean Maths book/workbook to suggest? Is there a brand you prefere?

    Thank you really a lot


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