Tuesday 18 February 2014


Thanksgiving: For Good Idea for Our Family's WFMN

This week, I have been praying very consciously for a desire that I had for a long long time, that is to start Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN) in our family.

I had not been confident that it would be well-received and thus I have not implemented it. Last year had been a very hectic year with no extra time. Now that I am working part-time, it has given us more breathing space and a chance to re-look into this wish.

WFM will be my goal this year. I need to be more intentional about it. I am just thinking how to ensure buy-in from my Significant Other, that he would see the benefits and be enthusiasstic and willing to come alongside as a team.

My greatest desire for WFMN is to have weekly learning time, so that we teach life values to J. The highest standard of all is the biblical standards - love, kindness, compassion, selflessness, empathy, considerateness, considering the preciousness of others... And how to best teach it to J and ourselves?

My Significant Other is not one who is the most enthusiastic about reading the Bible or any devotion book for the Bible.

Yesterday, an idea came to my head. I can still teach values to J through other means that my Significant Other will find easy, acceptable and attractive to participate.

My sister-in-law just published a book last December on our family history. We can read through a chapter of the book written about my father-in-law - "Mit livs mosaik" meaning "My Life's Mosaics" in English. It is his biography. We will be able to learn alot. We will also be able to teach and share with J his family heritage, teach him respect for elders, teach him about family values and teach him about life.

I am so thankful for my sister-in-law for writing this book after a year of interviewing my father-in-law, writing and editing. It is her fruit of the labour that will benefit the future generations.

I thank God for this idea, and for helping me to slowly let our WFM take shape.

I am very excited!!! I will continue to pray and ask for God's guidance.

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