Saturday 1 February 2014


J Summary (4Y10M27D) - Angbaos (Red Packets)

J (4Y10M27D) received CNY anybaos from his gong gong and po po (grandparents) and Auntie J in Singapore. He was only allowed to open on New Year's Day. It was past the first day of New Year, but I still had not find the time for it due to work. This evening, we had a little time, and he was very excited to unwrap the red packets.

I took the time to teach him Personal Financial Management. I showed him the 5 empty piggy banks, explaining that the first one is for God, the second is for parents, the third is for charity, the fourth is for spending and the fifth is for saving. The first one he placed money in was for parents. He said he wanted to share with us his red packets. Oh how sweet. Then he placed some for charity, for spending and for saving. And he went back to place more money for parents, and then again placed more money for in the same piggybank marked for parents, saying that the money he placed there this time round was for his grandparents, but none in the piggybank for God yet.

It was very sweet to see him giving so much money to us and grandparents, keeping so little for himself.

Then he asked me how we can give money to God, since God is not a human? I explained that when we give money to God, the money is used to help the less fortunate through the church. The money is also used to uphold the administration and expenses of the church. Then he went on to place some money in the piggy bank for God.

It was also heart-warming to see that he was so generous in giving most of his angbao money to all the other piggy banks (parents and charity) and keeping so little for himself in the piggy bank marked for Spending.

J placed God last for his angbao money. From here, it helped me to identify areas where I should focus on teaching. During our next time together, I will remember to share with him this verse:

Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine. - Proverbs 3:9-10

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