Tuesday 18 February 2014


Our First Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN) Agenda

Here is our planned agenda for our first Weekly Family Meeting:

Weekly Family Meeting Night Agenda (2 hours)

Date: Sunday 23 February 2014
Time: 6-8pm (2 hours)

6-6.10pm: Review Family Calendar (10 mins)

Chinese cultural trip to China end July early August or receiving Chinese students's visit to Denmark

6.10-6.20pm: Practicalities (10 mins)

Plan J's birthday next week. Plan meals for the week. Discuss transportation needs. Plan the fun things to do on the next Weekly Family Fun Night (WFFN).

6.20-6.40pm: Short Lesson (10 mins)

Read aloud chapter 1 of "Mit livs mosaics" to J and learn about our family history together.
Introduce family's crest and family's roar.

Read aloud the "My ABC Bible Verses" book and discuss the story.

6.40-6.50pm: Talent Show (10 mins)

Encourage J to play a piece of Music he has learned from his piano class.

6.50-7pm: Set Goals for Next Week (10 mins)

Mom: "Next week, I aim to finish my CIPS 4 assignment."

7-7.10pm: Thanksgiving & Affirmation (10 mins)

Share one thing each family member is grateful for, one thing a family member has done well, or one thing we are especially looking forward to.

7.10-7.20pm: Sing & Pray (10 mins)

Closing prayer and sing one song.

7.20-8pm: Fun Time (40 mins)

Play a board game, make a Science experiment together on solar system or build a fort with sheets for a cozy encave, etc.

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