Saturday 8 February 2014


Various Ways to Play the Montessori Hundred Board

Once your child has completed all the tiles on the Hundred Board, remove some of the tiles and have your child insert them back in the correct places. Increase the level of difficulty along the way.

Today, I am going to show a systematic and progressive way to randomly remove the tiles (an oxymoron, I know!) and another day various patterns of removing the tiles.

1. Firstly, for J, I removed 3 tiles randomly, and went on with my chores, while inviting him to insert them back to the correct places. I find that he does it faster and more accurately when I am not by his side. He could do so within seconds.

2. Next I increased the difficulty by removing 5 files randomly, choosing those numbers I think he would know. He could complete it within a minute.

3. Next I removed 7 tiles randomly, 1 tile from each row.

4. After giving him a few rounds of easy successes, I began to choose those numbers he had more challenges with. For example, while he was building up the Hundred Board rows by rows, I noticed that he has a little difficulty with "6" and "9". He mixed up the places of 69 and 96. So this time around, I have included removing "69" in my almost "random" selection of numbers :-) I am excited to see if he would get it right this time around. (Picture will be posted tomorrow :-))

5. I revise even number with J:

6. I revise the 10s with him by removing the 10th column. He got it all correct except that he confused 60 and 90 to 06 and 09, because he turned it around. I am contemplating to writing a line under 6 and 9.

7. I remove all the tiles from the first column and let him try to put them back. He got it all correct.

If your child does not get the placing right, revise the 3-part lesson with him on the number and then try again a few days later.

8. I increase the difficulty by removing two rows and put them in random order on the table and have your child arrange them back to its respective place.

I will continue to update this posts with the various "patterns" of removing numbers from the Hundred Board, so do check back this post from time-to-time.

Additional Information:
J does not have the patience to complete the whole Hundred Board in a session. I was actually in a twit end, until God sent my friend YL to me. She observed J and said that he actually know all his numbers. My presence unknowingly gave him pressure. So I followed her suggestion of letting J does it at his own time.

So I lowered my expectation, each day, I will just let him complete a row, until he reaches the 100 on the 10th row on day 10th. Sometimes, he would do 2-3 rows a day instead, once in the morning before I go to work, and once in the evening during our School Time. Once he had completed constructing all the tiles, I started this activity of randomly removing numbers with him.

For an introduction to Hundred Board, you can read my earlier post here:

Updates at 22 Nov 2014 (5Y8M18D)

At 4.5 years old, J wasn't so keen with Hundred Board, and it took a few sessions to proceed to 50, but we didn't complete it to 100.

At 5.5 years old, he chose it himself, and he went on to complete it to 100 in one single session. It was late in the evening, but he was very determined that he wanted to complete it, as the following day is Sunday, our rest day, and we would not be doing any Montessori. He was also able to insert the random ones, although he made some careless mistakes.

22 Nov 2014

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