Tuesday 22 January 2019


Sweet Surprise for Mommy :-)

22 Jan 2019 (2Y8M7D & 9Y10M17D)

This afternoon, I got home from work. As I came through the door, our Little FECS asked me to do Montessori Maths with him. At the end of it, I could tell that he was very touched that I took the time to do it with him. Later, when Baby FECS came back from the nursery, Little FECS wrote this on her hands and asked her to show it to me. I was busy preparing dinner and he was afraid that I didn't read it. So he asked her to show it to me again, this time asking me to read it. I went over to give them both a hug.

All the hard work is worth it, although it is taking a toil on my health due to the lack of sleep, juggling a full-time job, kids' activities and nutrition. Yet in this modern age, landing a part-time job is still so hard to come by... My dream job will be a part-time job in data management and reporting, but I am still dreaming about it - I mean, the part-time part.

If nutrition is king, then sleep and exercise is queen, I heard someone once said, but I haven't quite figured out how to squeeze both in yet...

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