Saturday 15 October 2011


Montessori Activity: Counting Objects with Stickers

Age: From 2.5 years old

Objectives: To teach counting objects in a fun way

1. 1 counting worksheet (you can draw like I did above or I have created a printable version here)
2. 1 sticker piece

1. Demonstrate by pasting one sticker on the label called "One" and two stickers on the label called "Two", saying, "Joshua, this is one, it gets one sticker... this is two, it gets two stickers. This is three, how many stickers should it gets?"

2. Encourage your child to try to do the same for the remaining labels "Three" to "Five".

Additional Information:
I am slowly introducing more Maths and Science elements into the Montessori Practical Life activities, thus I am really delighted to have discovered this idea from Cherry Blossom Adventures. Joshua (2Y7M10D) tried it today. He didn't do it in order, but he seemed to understand the concept. He was more focus in pasting the stickers within the boxes than counting the correct number of stickers to paste. Thus, I will introduce more pasting stickers in the boxes activity until he could do it well and re-introduce this activity later.


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