Saturday 15 August 2015


A Letter to Pa - Visit to Denmark

Pa & ma's visit 2005

Dear Pa

This trip is ma's first trip to Denmark without you. As I cleaned and prepared the room for ma's arrival, for a moment, I was preparing the room for you both, and it donned on me that you would not be back. Tears flowed. Tears flowed as we went to the airport to pick ma up, ma came out of the arrival gate without you. Your absence was clearly felt. 

We went to Mr. FECS' parents' home for dinner tonight. This was the first time you didn't join us. You would not be there, and my heart ached. How I wished to have you back, but life here on earth is not forever. Ma went there alone with us without you. She managed well. 

We no longer have to manage the wheelchair, nor worry that you might cough badly during dinner, but I rather have all those inconveniences, and have you with us. Juggling your wheelchair and caring for you was a privilege from God, and now that privilege has come to an end. Your departure has taught me to see these as privileges even more, and I am glad that I have done so, while you were still with us, as they are not forever.

It will be close to six months since you were last with us here on earth, but I am still learning so many life's lessons through it. I have learned personally what matters most in life, and I am glad I have chosen what has been the most important in the last few years. Dear pa, you are dearly missed, but God is with me, God is with us, dear pa. May God's grace and wisdom continues to guide us through life, as we make choices throughout our short lives here on earth.

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