Monday 10 August 2015


J Summary (6Y5M5D) - Counting Down to First Day at School...

Two more day... and it will be the big day... On Wednesday, our Little FECS is embarking on the next life's journey - he is starting real school.

I have had a few months to prepare myself mentally for it, and I have to admit, I am still not ready for it.

There are no lack of advice on the internet on how to prepare children for it, but nothing much on how to prepare parents for it. Am I the one being weird?

I asked Mr. FECS how he is feeling. He said, sad, which is exactly what I am filling. It is comforting to hear that I am not alone and that I am not the only one feeling blue and nostalgic...

It feels like our Little FECS' childhood is coming to an end... he is growing towards independence and soon in no time, he will be leaving us... and it feels like my own (second) childhood is coming to an end too...

Years ago, the kiasu mom in me would think of putting him in school a year earlier, so that he is a year ahead of his peers in learning, and ahead of the rat race. Afterall, he is ready for it. But why let him enter the rat race so early? So I had decided against it. But today, I am tempted to keep him back for another year, to re-live the 6 year old stage again.  I want to prolong his childhood...

Yet there is a time for everything, and there is a time for him to start school, and I will learn to accept it.

We should mark and celebrate the day with joy and gladness. So we are preparing and braving ourselves... for the first day of school on Wednesday.

I am once again reminded that our child is on loan to us from God, and I have to learn to let go. He has his own life to lead, and now for him, it is school life.

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