Friday 11 January 2019


Easy Homemade Nutella Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread Enriched with Sunflower Seeds

11 Jan 2019: Homemade Nutella spread on rye bread enriched with sunflower seeds for the tea time with the kids.


1. 1 jar hazelnut butter
2. 2 TBS cacao powder
3. A handful sunflower seeds
4. Vanilla sugar to taste


1. Remove some of the hazelnut butter that you bought from the jar.

2. Stir in 2 TBS of cacao powder (I find it easiest to stir in such a jar with a pair of chopsticks... maybe because I am Chinese..., I use chopsticks as tools for many things)

3. Add in the sunflower seeds and sitr (optional, but sunflower seeds adds so much crunch and nutrients. And C doesn't like sunflower seeds, unlike J, but she would eat them if they are added to nutella)

4. Add vanilla sugar to taste (I can do without it, but the kids like it sweet. For us, 3 tsp is sweet enough). You can substitute vanilla sugar with 3 tsp of maple syrup.

If you really want to make it luxurious, use real vanilla beans (crushed with sugar to bring out the flavour), and add it to the mixture.


Can keep for weeks outside the fridge and months in the fridge.

Additional Information:

C is a bit of a challenge. While J insists of eating rye bread with no butter, and didn't mind having vegetable puree spread on his rye bread through his early childhood, C goes only for the sweet stuff even as a toddler. So I have decided to try out making homemade Nutella for a healthier choice made from pure hazelnut butter and cocoa powder. 

I added sunflower seeds to the Nutella. Sunflower seeds is a understated super food. It contains more nutrients than most nuts, taste like nut, but a lot cheaper than nuts. I usually only buy the organic ones, but it still costs only a fraction of the price of nuts.

Many recipes use hazelnuts. I would love to try it someday, but for now as a super busy mom, this easy quick recipe using nut butter is more doable with our current family situation.

Since I have some skimmed milk powder, I also added 2 tablespoons of it. But it is totally unnecessary.


11 Jan 2019 (9Y10M6D, 2Y7M25D): Some approval from the kids for the homemade Nutella butter :-) And C is eating her sunflower seeds... hurray :-)

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