Thursday 10 January 2019


J Summary (10Y10M5D): Removed Muffin from His Lunch Box

I made this mini-cakes or muffins for Daddy FECS' birthday. Our Little FECS complained that his lunch box was getting too boring, so I decided to surprise him by place this muffin into his lunch box. For the first day, he ate it. For the second day, before he went to school, he took it out and placed it back to the fridge. I noticed it after he was gone, when I opened the fridge, and was impressed. But wanted to know, if he was having self-restraint, or because Mommy's muffin tasted so bad.

He got home, and I asked him. Or was it him who asked me, whether I have noticed that he didn't take the muffin, I couldn't remember. But I remembered that he said that it was too unhealthy to eat cake and he decided to save it for later. I was impressed at his ability to resist temptation. In fact, we all have been so guilty about eating the cakes that I had in the end threw away half of it - they were getting too old (as can be seen from this picture, the fresh cream was getting way too stale, as we haven't been eating them fast enough, although I only made eight of them for the four of us.

Actually, I have always been reluctant to bake cakes. This was one of the first time that I baked a real muffin. The store-bought cakes got thrown away as well for getting too old in our family. I think from now on, I should really consider spending time to bake cakes again.

On a similar note, our Little FECS requested for a sweets Christmas calendar, and we relented. It is half way through January, and there were still half of the candies not eaten. I am very impressed at his ability to resist temptations. It is common in Denmark for families to have "Fredags slik", meaning Friday Candy time and Danish parents and kids can eat a big pack of sweets each. The Danes must have good genes not to be susceptible to diabetes. Singapore is currently fighting a war on diabetes. I hold it close to my heart of our Little FECS' attitude towards the sweet stuff and pray that it will endures forever.

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