Saturday 19 January 2019


Purple Smoothie

Serves 2

1. 1 cup (250 ml) fresh skimmed milk
2. 1 tsp flax seeds ground
3. 1 apple cored and quartered
4. 1 ripe banana
5. 100 g blackberries (brombær) fresh or frozen

Add all ingredients in the order listed above into a blender and blend until smooth.

Additional Information:

This month, I am embarking on a family nutritional project of making smoothies covering the colors of the rainbow. Today, I am experimenting with making the purple smoothie. You can also use blueberries for this smoothie. In general, blackberries have more vitamins and minerals than blueberries (although black currants are the best). Below is a nutrient comparison of the berries. Click to enlarge picture::

In this smoothie, I am using blackberries.

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