Friday 5 August 2011


J Summary (2Y5M0D) - Requested to Go to Bed

J did not nap for the second time in 2 days. He was clearly tired today, when I picked him up. I was kind to him, and he managed to prevent himself from a melt down and tantrums, but I could see that he was cranky. He didn't eat much for dinner, but asked to read books. I said, you meant read books and sleep. To my surprise, he said yes. This was the first time, he told me by his own iniative that he wanted to sleep. I told him that we have to go and bath first. After bathing, for the rare time ever, he sat through patiently with 2-3 books, and then willingly accepted lights off. Then he was hungry and asked to eat a banana. The room was shut at 6.45pm. Sweet dreams.

This morning, he managed to complete the small penguin and the bird jigsaws puzzles without any help.

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