Monday 29 August 2011


Montessori Activity: Hammering Nails/锤打钉子

Age: From 2.5 years old

Activity Duration: 5 - 15 minutes

Objectives: To train fine motor skills


1. 1 cork board
2. Nails
3. Wooden hammer
4. Shapes with holes to insert the nails


1. Show your child how to insert the nail into a shape and hammer into the cork board safely.

2. Encourage your child to try, but supervise closely.

Additional Information:

J (2Y5M25D) tried it today and loved it! Initially, I thought J would be too young for this, and that this could be a little unsafe. But J was very good in being careful and using it the way it is meant to be used. It was no problem at all. J tried this again on 8 October 2011.

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