Saturday 20 August 2011


Montessori Activity: Cleaning Plant

Inspired by Mommy Moment

Age: From 2.5 years old

Activity Duration: 5 - 15 minutes


1. To train the child's fine motor skills.
2. To train the child's patience at cleaning the plant.
3. To train the child's caringness towards plant.


1. A handful of cotton buds (I use facial cotton pieces here, as this is these are the only ones I have at home)
2. 1 small dish with water
3. 1 tray
4. 1 plant with sturdy leaves


1. Demonstrate by dipping the cotton bud into the dish of water to make it wet.
2. Then wipe a leave of the plant from beginning to the end.
3. Encourage your child to try.

Additional Information:

I find Montessori cleaning activities the most challenging. I am ashamed to admit that I am not very good with cleaning, and have never done lift a finger to clean as a child. This is very common in Chinese family, as the children are just expected to excel in studies. But for my case, it is because my mother told me that girls have to learn to clean, and boys do not. Thus, I rebelled.

As such, Montessori activity is really good for me too, as it gives me a chance to learn in a very simple and basic way, and in this case how to clean a plant. Yes, in the department of cleaning, I am starting at the same level as J, as a 2.5 years old, which is a very humbling experience, which I don't want J to go through at the age of an adult. Yes, he is a boy, and no, I don't have the traditional Chinese mentality here. I think he should learn to clean, even if he is a boy. I am very grateful to all the Montessori mothers out there, who shared all the cleaning lessons on their blogs. It has been very educational for me.


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