Wednesday 24 August 2011


Pretend Play: How to Turn Household Garbage into Toys for Your Child?

Joshua simply LOVES his ktichen set, which we bought from the flea market. It is probably the best investment I have made, as he plays with it almost every morning, making food for the teddy bear and the toy dog for months now. Thus, I am spending some time to think of how to expand his stock and selection without spending too much money.

You don't have to spend money buying those expensive wooden food toys. The next few pictures show how you can recycle household garbage and turn them into interesting toys for your child, when you combine them with some of your child's toys. It provides free-of-charge play... well, almost :-)

I recycled the bread package for Joshua's plastic bread toy, and he loved it. It made the plastic bread toy much more real and life-like.

Here are Joshua's plastic pieces of bread coming straight out from the bread package:

After we have finished eating the cheese, I recyled the cheese pack and put Joshua's rubber cheese toys into it. Joshua finds it very amusing. He now has his own "cheese" complete with real cheese packaging.

After drinking the milk, I washed the milk carton and recycled it for Joshua. He can play pretend play by pouring milk into his toy cups and serve it to his teddy bear.

Don't throw away the pasta package the next time you finish a pack. Save a little of the pasta in the package and include it in your child's pretend play kitchen set stock. You can also turn it into a Montessori inspired activity for your child to scoop the pasta into a pot with a ladle :-)

I recycled the ham package for Joshua's plastic salami and ham toy. It made the plastic salami toy much more real and life-like. Joshua was very excited, when he saw it and played with it immediately.

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