Friday 26 August 2011


J Summary (2Y5M22D) - Came Up with Creative Ideas at Play

Today I went to pick up J, and asked the teacher whether J had played well with the other children (J had some problems, because his Danish was not as advanced as the two other girls his age in his class, and was ostracised a little. They refused to play with him.) She said J was playing very well, and that J was "meget dygtig" - very clever. I was surprised and I asked why she said that. She said that J contributed with unique and innovative ideas, when playing with the children.

I truly that that the Montessori activities I do with him at home have helped with his creativity. I wanted to tell the teacher that, and that maybe they should also do Montessori activities with the children, but didn't. I don't know how Danish teachers will take it. They will probably think that I am a "kiasu" freak with a blog.

Language Development

The teacher also told me that J's Danish has improved in leaps and bounced and are now rather on par with the other Danish girls.

Do I regret to insist on 3 languages with J? No, I don't regret, though at times, I do feel with lots of insecurities. That is when I take it to the Lord in prayer. He calms me, when my heart fret. Yes, it will be tough for J. He is born in a family of half-Danish, but by God's grace, he will be able to go through this challenge. It is very important to me that he is fluent in Chinese, English and Danish, in order to communicate with my parents, Singaporeans and Danes. It is tough... but I will press on... Am I crazy? Should I give up? No one understands except Daddy. Not the Danes, not my in-laws... but I will take courage and persevere on in this long road of trilingualism. I sometimes do feel very alone in this journey... but I will go on...

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