Saturday 13 August 2011


Montessori Acitivity: Sweeping with Brush & Dustpan

Age: From 2.5 years old

Activity Duration: 5-10 minutes


1. To train fine motor skills to swipe into a designated area.
2. To teach shape.
3. To teach the concept of inside and outside of the line.


1. 1 small brush
2. 1 small dustpan
3. 1 small container of oatmeal
4. 1 tray taped and drawn with a rectangle in the middle


1. Pour the oatmeal on the tray randomly outside of the rectangle.
2. Show your child how to sweep the oatmeal into the middle and say "all the oatmeal is now inside the rectangle.
3. Show your child how to sweep the oatmeal inside the rectangle into the dustpan.
4. Repeat by pouring the oatmeal on the tray again and ask your child to try to sweep it into the middle.

1. You can also tape a circle or triangle shape in the middle for variety.

Additional Information:

Before introducing the Toddler's Cleaning Kit, it is good to first let the toddler try this sweeping activity. J (2Y5M8D) can't sweep the oatmeal into the rectangle yet. He swept it all over the tray, and sometimes on the floor. But I told him that he should try to swipe within the tray. He then tried to sweep the oatmeal into the dustpan, which he did pretty well.

1 comment:

  1. This is a wonderful demonstration and the photos are great. I am a Montessori teacher and I was looking for a way to explain this activity on my own blog, but instead I am just going to direct my readers to your blog, since you did such a great job! You will find a link to your blog at the end of my latest post found on my Creative Education blog. I am happy to remove it if you'd rather I don't. Thanks for sharing in such detail.


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