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Danish Christmas Decoration

21 December 2015 (6Y8M16D): Christmas Decoration done at the group playdate all by himself

Re-post 30 November 2015

11 December 2011

It is one of the joy of Christmas in Denmark to make Christmas decoration from the Danish forest. If one doesn't have the time to gather these items from the Danish forests, they are sold in all Danish supermarkets.

Age: From 4 years old

- Candle
- Snow berries, pine tree needles, pine tree cones, oat tree cones, etc. from the Danish forests
- Carpet of moss
- Clay (taken from my homemade playdough)
- Tray (Recycled from the plastic sushi tray)
- Ribbon
- White spray paint for fake snow (optional)
- Golden spray paint for glitter (optional)

Place the clay below as base for inserting the candles, the pine tree needles and the carpet of moss.

Additional Information:
It is actually my first time making them. My Chinese friend, YL, the art teacher among us, who is new to Denmark, wanted to experience the Danish way of celebrating Christmas for the kids. I thought it was a very good idea. Wondered why I had never thought of it all these years!!! Yesterday, we went out together to gather the materials along the road and from the forests. Most of the materials can be bought from Netto Supermarket. The pebbles were bought from IKEA previously.

The children didn't show any interest making these decorations, as I think they are too young. I think it would be more suited for children above 4 years old. D (2.5 yeas old) was more interested with playing with Thomas the train. J (2Y9M6D) just woke up from his nap and was a little cranky and very hungry, and he was only interested in eating. A (3 years old) preferred to play with the playdough. Then the children played with LEGO. It ended up with just us three mothers making the decorations, but it was nice to chit-chat, while the children play by themselves.

These decorations are placed in the centre on the coffee table along with all the other Christmas goodies during the festive season.

One has to be careful with the candle though and make sure that it does not catch fire.

Hope we will get to do it with J's cousins next year. I have to remember to suggest it!

11 December 2011

11 December 2011 (2Y9M6D): Impromptu Christmas decoration activity with our neighbours, Yang Li and Meixia
Christmas cookies from farmor
J enjoying his Christmas cookie

30 November 2012 (4Y7M29D): J made this from his kindergarten and took it home :-)

6 December 2013 (4Y8M1D): J made this from his kindergarten and took it home :-)

16 December 2014 (5Y8M11D): J made this from his kindergarten and took it home :-)

Updates: 28 November 2015 (6Y7M23D)
At this age, J is more interested in making decoration. He made the decoration all by himself and wasn't distracted.

28 November 2015: Christmas decoration made completely by Our Little FECS (6Y7M23D)

21 December 2015 (6Y8M16D): Christmas Decoration done at the group playdate

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