Friday 13 November 2015


Korean Spicy Tofu Stew Soondubu jjigae

Serves 2

1. 1 palm size dried kelp (Dashima) (you can substitute with chicken or potato and carrot to make stock)
2. 8 dried anchovies (optional)
3. 1/2 onion (for stock)
4. 1/2 onion (for stir-frying)
5. 2 cloves garlic minced
6. 100g beef sliced (I use rib-eye steak) or pork belly sliced
7. 3 shiitake mushrooms quartered
8. 2 leaves Chinese cabbage cut
9. 1/4 zucchini chopped (optional)
10. 4 leaves of xia bai cai (optional)
11. 1 TBS sesame oil (you can also use canola cooking oil)
12. 1 tube of Korean soon du bu tofu (350g)
13. 1 TBS Korean red chili pepper powder
14. 1 TBS Korean gochugaru red chili pepper paste
15. 2 frozen prawns
16. 1 cup mixed seafood (optional)
17. 1 stalk of spring onions chopped for garnish (optional)
18. 1 green chili sliced for garnish (optional)
19. 1 red chili sliced for garnish (optional)
20. 2 eggs (optional)
21. Salt & pepper to taste
22. 1.5 litre water

1. Prepare stock by bringing to boil a pot of 1.5 litre of water with 1/2 onion, 3 dried shitake mushrooms, dried kelp and 8 dried anchovies and boil it over high heat for 10 minutes. Lower to medium heat and boil for another 20 minutes. Set aside the stock and mushrooms and discard the rest.
2. Heat Wok/ttuk-bae-gi, add 1 TBS of sesame oil.
3. Add garlic and fry until golden.
4. Add onion and fry until golden.
5. Add beef and fry until brown.
6. Slice shiitake mushrooms into quarters, add and fry until fragrant.
7. Add 4 TBS of hot pepper flakes, stir and coat well for 1 minute.
8. Add zucchini and coat well.
9. Add 1 litre (4 cups) stock. It will sizzle. Bring to boil.
10. Add Soon du bu (soft Tofu) and break it into smaller chunks with a spoon in the pot.
11. When it boils, add mixed seafood and prawns (optional)
12. Add xiao bai cai (optional)
13. Add salt & pepper to taste or for extra spiciness, add the Chinese chili oil.
14. When the broth boils, crack in the eggs. Turn off the fire and let the eggs cook in the hot broth.
15. Garnish with spring onions, green chili and red chili.
16. Drizzle some sesame oil (optional) and serve with rice :-)

Additional Information:
It is autumn in Denmark, and the weather has turned cold. This is the time when I crave hot soup.A bowl of Korean tofu stew broth is very warming and comforting.


Here are the main ingredients all chopped up: 
Clockwise: Squash, enoki mushrooms, frozen prawns, Chinese xiao bai cai, tofu, beef rib-eyed, red and green chili, eggs, king oyster mushrooms, onions, spring onions and garlic.

You can get the organic soft silky tofu from the Danish organic store Urtehuset. It costs 44.95 DKK per pack of 400g.

Here are the ingredients to make the stock. If you don't have the ingredients, you can use chicken stock instead.

Here are the seasonings required.

This is the extra-spicy Korean red chili pepper paste gochugaru.

This is the spicy Korean red chili pepper paste gochugaru.

Korean red chili pepper powder

Add Chiu Chow Chili oil for extra spiciness.

Bring to boil a pot with 1 litre of water.

Add dried kelp.

Add 3 shiitake mushrooms.

Add 1/2 garlic.

Cover and boil on high heat for 10 mins. Then reduce to low heat (no. 2.5 on my stove) and simmer for 20 mins.

The stock is done :-) Set aside the stock and mushrooms, and discard the rest of the ingredients.

Cut the shiitake mushrooms into quarters.

Heat wok with 1 TBS sesame oil.

Add garlic and fry until golden.

Add onion and fry until golden.

Add 100g beef and fry until brown.

Add shiitake mushrooms and fry until fragrant.

Add king oyster mushrooms and fry until fragrant (optional, I happened to have some leftover at home)

Add TBS red chili pepper paste.

Coat the ingredients well.

Add zucchini and coat well.

Add stock. It will sizzle a little.

Add enoki mushrooms (optional).

When the broth boils, add 1 package of tofu.

Break it into smaller pieces with your frying ladle and bring to boil.

When the broth boils, add 2 prawns.

Add xiao bai cai (optional).

Add green and red chili.

Add half of the spring onions.

If you like it even more spicy, you can add the Chinese chili oil (optional).

Add 2 eggs, and off the fire, or you can add the eggs later in the serving bowls.

Divide into 2 serving bowls. If you have not crack an egg earlier, crack in an egg now. Sprinkle some green and red chili and spring onions. Serve with rice and enjoy :-)

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