Friday 6 November 2015


Practical Life Skills - House Chores


In Singapore, no one (well, almost no one) does house chores. There isn't time for it. Homework from school is too heavy. Weekends are filled to the brim with enrichment classes. Mums and Dads are working past 7-9pm, way too tired to do anything. Everyone (well, almost everyone) relies on lived-in domestic helpers. So long as our neighboring countries are still developing, domestic maids are affordably within reach. But our neighbors will not stay developing forever. Such labor will remain scarce one day. Of course, one could argue that when that time comes, we will be using robots to help us with house chores :-)

I grew up without lifting a finger (not that we have a maid, but my mum did everything). Because growing up in a traditional Chinese family, my mum said that only girls need to do housework, boys don't need to. So I rebelled, and I rebelled big time.

Besides not learning how to cook, I also regretted big time not learning practical life skills such as doing house chores. And yes, even though Our Little FECS is a boy, I am determined that he will learn to do house chores, and don't repeat my footsteps.

Fortunately, homework from school is light (if not non-existence) in Denmark. So he will have the time to do house chores.

And fortunately, Mr. FECS is a pro, when it comes to this department. He used to be a professional cleaner at the hospital. I love the Danish culture. I love how educated people here are more than willing to roll-up their sleeves and do such "low" level tasks deemed so by the society in Asia.

I am determined that Our Little FECS will learn that. Actually, every practical lesson with Our Little FECS costs us a bomb. It costs me half my pay check, because I chose to work half-time to have the time to coach Our Little FECS in this area. And I don't know how much longer I can hold on to my half-time...

To be honest, it is a struggle for me. So I am learning along-side Our Little FECS. But whatever I can't do well (for example, cleaning the toilet, Mr. FECS steps in for me to teach Our Little FECS). No, we haven't started that yet.

I think doing house chores builds up empathy in kids and teaches them responsibility. Thus, it is a very important character building tool.

15 March 2014 (6Y0M10D): Loading the washing machine


6 November 2015 (6Y7M1D): Emptying the washing-machine

6 November 2015 (6Y7M1D): Hanging up laundry

6 November 2015 (6Y7M1D): Cleaning the sink

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