Sunday 2 March 2014


Board Game: At The Farm (På Bondegården)

Age: From 4 years old

Duration: 15 minutes

1. Teach the child to learn to take turns
2. Teach the child color
3. Teach the child counting

1. There are a total of 16 fences, 16 animals, 1 sun and 1 tractor.

2. Place all the animals in the middle of the farm.

3. Place the tractor at the starting point on the green spot with an arrow.

4.  Take turn to throw the dice.

5. The youngest player start by throwing the dice first and move to the spot corresponding to the color of the dice.

6. If one lands on a spot with the tractor's rut, one can have an animal of one's choice.

7. If one lands on a spot with the fence, one can have a fence.

8. If one lands on a spot with the animal escaping, one has to return 1 animal back to the farm, unless one has already 4 fences forming a closed enclosure.

9. If one lands on a sun, it means that time has flown, and the sun has to move one step.

10. If one lands on a star, one can take a fence and a animal of one's choice.

11. The game is over, either if all the animals have been captured or if the sun has fully set.

12. The player with the most animal in his fence enclosure has won.

Additional Information:
We played this game with J, when he was 4 years old, and we played again today during our WFMN.

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