Sunday 16 March 2014


J Summary (5Y0M11D) - Our Fourth Weekly Family Meeting Night (WFMN)

It's amazing, today was our 4th WFMN. It has been a month already. It seemed like just yesterday that we started this tradition.

I did not manage to make any snacks for our WFMN this evening. I was too tired and running short of time.

J asked to have Family Fun Night and not Family Meeting Night. I said no no. To entice him, we accepted that the fun part would be the LEGO session. On hindsight, LEGO took too long time on a Sunday evening.

Weekly Family Meeting Night Agenda

Date: Sunday 16 March 2014
Time: 6.45-8.15pm (1.5 hours)

6.45-7pm: Tally the Smileys from Children's Bonus System

While waiting for Daddy to join us at the WFMN, we tallied up the weekly smileys from the children's bonus system. J earned 28 smileys this week. He used 20 smileys on an ice-cream and converted the rest into tokens and saved up in his piggybank.

7-7.05pm: Review Family Calendar & Thanksgiving & Affirmation & Goal Setting (5 mins)

We opened with a prayer. We discussed next week's engagements - invitation by friends, playdates arrangement, the idea of joining the Powerwomen exercise, which also included kids. We decided not to sign J up, because his calendar is full of activities, but I will sign up alone and use the my off on Thursday to work out.

We each shared something that we are thankful for the week:
Daddy: Thankful that the model he developed led to reduction in calculation time.
Mommy: Thankful that the bead that J swallowed accidentally came out of his system. Thankful that we managed to follow through with the volunteering experience last Thursday in the midst of super hectic schedule. Thankful that Daddy took time to do the Solar System activity with J.
J: Thankful for everything that Mommy had mentioned. What a copycat!

7.05-7.10pm: Set Goals for Next Week (5 mins)

We reviewed the goals we set for this week. We all achieved our goals :-)

Next week's goal:

We each set a goal for next week:
Daddy: Be a good colleague to a new colleague who start next week - help him get a good start
Mommy: Exercise at least once a week
J: Exercise at least once a week (copy cat again) and jog to a friend's place if he is invited to a friend who lives nearby

7.10-7.15pm: Talent Show (5 mins)

J performed Nissermand hopper and pret-a-pret for us on the piano.

7.15-7.40pm: Short Lesson (30 hour)

Daddy read aloud one section of chapter 3 of the book "Mit livs mosaics." about farfar's childhood.

I read the ABC Bible Verses book aloud - Letter J. This week, although he seemed not to listen, he got it right when I asked questions. This is thanks to the Sunday School he has been attending in church. My gratefulness to all the Sunday School teachers.

7.40-7.45pm: Sing & Pray (5 mins)

We closed with a word of prayer, thankful that our family meeting got on well, despite a little challenging start. We thanked God for a good week, and prayed for God's guidance for the next week. We forgot to pray for the Malaysian flight went missing, although it was on my mind, but J was distracting me too much. I need to remember to pray with the family tomorrow.

We sang two songs from our song file.

We forgot to end with the bell, but we remembered to end with our family cheers - the full version.

7.45-8.15pm: Fun Time (30 mins)

J's suggestion to play LEGO with Daddy. It was probably a bad choice as it took a lot of time, and it was past J's bedtime, but Daddy and J had great fun. We are trying to move J's bedtime up after being inspired by my friends whose kids sleep by 8pm.

Here were our first three experiences with WFMNs:
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Here are some healthy homemade snacks and drinks to entice your family to come for the meeting :-)

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