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Creating A Culture of Service in Your Family

14 March 2014 (5Y0M8D) - Memory of J's Very First Volunteering Experience
I read about creating a culture of service in your family from the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families" and it got me thinking. We are always doing activities and having fun with J, focusing on ourselves and our family. But it can also be fun to serve others, and we should inculcate this habits early in our children.

This is a great and fun way to create a culture of service in your family. You could also designate one day a month, where your family serve at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter, or visit a old folk home, a children's home, etc.

With children in the children's ome, for example, you can:

1. Bring a less privileged kid out to the zoo
2. Let your child buy Christmas presents for the kids
3. Visit a kid at a children's home with your child

I am compiling a list of volunteering opportunities for Denmark and Singapore below and will return to this post to update it:

Volunteering Opportunities in Denmark

Here are a list of volunteer opportunities in Denmark:,4,5,7,8,11,14,15,16,17,33,18,19,20,21,35,22,23,24,25,26,37,38,27,43,28,29,45,30,31&hjemme=&key=&postnr=

Volunteering opportunities in Denmark for families and kids at risk:

Denmark Volunteering Site

Here is a volunteer job site for Denmark:

Josephine Schneiders Børnehjem

Red Barnet

Grace Cafe Copenhagen

Bredebo Plejehjem


Venligboerne - Denmark's Friendly Neighbours

Sandholm asylcenter


If you are from Singapore, here is a place where you can volunteer:

Chan Su Lan Methodist Children's Home

Touch Community Services


Rest of World

Here are the links to more volunteering opportunities around the world:

Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa

Missionaries of the Poor founded by Father Richard Ho Lung

Additional Information:

I am so thankful that God brought me my best friend CY, who recommended to me this activity centre for senior people in Copenhagen where volunteers are needed, where she is volunteering every Every Thursday, the centre opens up for the Chinese senior people in Copenhagen. She was so sweet to kindly offer to bring us there.

Today is my day off from work (now that I am on part-time). It gives me a chance to take J out of the kindergarten and bring him along :-) I am not sure if I will have so much follow-through, but at least, that is a start, so prayerfully, we can slowly become a family that serve others.

Today, on the first day of J's volunteering, it was a bright, sunny and cheerful day. God made it real easy for us. I took a picture of J on his first volunteer work as a memory.

Interesting, J suggested why don't we make dumplings for the senior people, and just on our way there, my friend smsed told me that they would be making dumplings that day. What a divine coincidence!

Actually, ironically, we received more than we give. J got a special treat of a theatre play by the senior people at the activity centre. J got to participate in making dumplings and also has been a good help in rolling the dumpling pastry. We also got to eat the dumplings. J had been very easy-going and patient to his credit, but I also got to see developmentally where he has to work on in terms of interacting with people. We have been blessed a lot more than we actually give yesterday.

You can read more about the Activity Centre for Senior people here:

Aktivitetscentret Sankt Joseph

The entrance to the building. Interestingly, it was where Daddy was born as a baby. It used to be a hospital

Inside the Centre

Making dumplings with my friend, CY, who is one of the volunteers

J helped to roll the dumpling pastry

The senior people doing some workouts - Danes and non-Danes all interacting together

A close-up of J all floured :-)

Helpers/volunteers in the kitchen

The lunch room as it was slowly being filled up

J enjoying his dumplings

Some of the senior people at the centre

The puppet theatre room

J got to enjoyed a piece of puppet theatre performance...

by the sweet ladies here :-)

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