Saturday 22 March 2014


This Mother Tore Off Labels And Nurtured Her Son’s Hidden Genius

What an inspiring mom who never give up on her son, but gave her all and persevered on... A good reminder to all of us whose kids are labelled with autism, ADHD, etc. There is a purpose for every child, we just need to find it and affirm it, instead of trying to change our child.

This is a story of how we can build self-motivation in our child. We need to focus on what they are interested in and nuture that.

I am not very good in following J, in observing and discovering his interests. This book reminds me that I should see what J's interests lies and provide him with opportunities to develop his interests. This will be my prayer request, and I thank God for speaking to me through this book. I also need to pray more ernestly to observe my nephews JN's and R's, and niece C's interests.

I highly recommend this book. It is not so much about nurturing genius, but nurturing a child's to his/her full potential.

Here are 8 parenting tips from her:

The book she wrote is available from Amazon:

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