Sunday 9 March 2014


Crazy Family Night - Slumber Party in the Bathroom

Once a year, do something crazy. For us, it was sleeping in the bathroom. It was time to wash the bed-linen, might as well :-) Okie okie, that first picture of a bathroom is not ours. Ours is more humble and functional, but it doesn't stop us from having fun :-)
It is a great way to create a memory, and at the same time does not cause us a penny.
It also happened to be our first formally organized Family Fun Night (FFN) and a good way to kick start to a memorable FFN.
Thanks to Daddy for being such a good spot and totally supported my idea. Once I told him my crazy idea, he sprung into action straight away and prepare our washroom. He vacuumed the washroom and disinfected the toilet. He covered the toilet with used bed-linen. He made it cozy with battery-operated candlelight. So we did a family spring cleaning together...
And J was busy preparing a mat with all the goodies he wanted to do for our FFN:
1. World map jigsaw puzzle
2. Our favorite for the moment - 4-in-1-line game - You can get it cheap from Tiger (for those living in Denmark)
3. Torchlight with animal shadows (suggested by me)
4. A few storybooks that he could read the next morning while waiting for Mommy and Daddy to wake up.
5. Chinese homework from his Chinese class (he suggested this himself. I did not suggest or prompt him at all. I was really touched by his initiative.
But if he hadn't suggested, I would also encourage him, as I believe that it is important to associate fun time with homework.
We read a Bible story before lights off and woke up to a wonderful morning the next day. We played with the family's favorite game for the moment - 4-in-a-line. J had great fun with the torchlight in the dark.
The next morning we played a game with a jigsaw puzzle. It was J's idea. We did so by turning over the pieces and finding the pieces that matched. The turn was passed to the next player when no piece could match. This continues until the puzzle is completed. The person who put together the most pieces won. And J won.
Then J read a book on his own and did his Chinese writing homework. Lastly, he completed a world map jigsaw puzzle - map of Europe all by himself.
That was the end of our FFN, and we went down for breakfast. J wanted to do it again - i.e. Slumber Party in the Bathroom. It was a very cozy and memorable time. We will all remember it for life.
J wanted to have FFN once a week, but I am not sure whether we will have the time or energy. So we will set the expectations down and aim with monthly instead. If we can meet this goal, we would be very happy. 
Spring cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom
Make it cozy and safe with battery candle lights
The things J brought to Family Fun Night

Playing 4-in-a-line with Daddy

We had great fun with the torchlight in the dark

The next morning
Playing a game of jigsaw puzzle with Mommy


Doing his Chinese homework

I believe that it it is important to associate fun time with homework... so whenever we have fun... homework is not far behind and considered part of the family member, , even if it is just a token one page or one line :-)

Doing world map jigsaw puzzle - Europe

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