Wednesday 26 March 2014


J Summary (5Y0M21D) - Milestones at 5 Years Old

J is more consistently making his own bed, getting dressed, before coming down for breakfast.

He loves to color and can sit and color for 20-30 mins in one go.

He still isn't so fond of jigsaw puzzles as I would like him to.

He can string a bead necklace or bracelet from start to end.

He can cycle very well, starting and stopping easily by himself.

He is also navigating very well on the scooter.

He enjoys playing football, but too gentle when kicking the ball... reminding me of myself.

He is getting better at controlling his stroke when writing Chinese characters.

He loves to draw.

He loves to make theatre play.

He enjoys taking pictures with his camera.

He took iniative with cutting activities and completed the whole book within a month in April 2014.

He can wash dishes rather well with supervision.

He is happy to do Montessori Maths as long as I don't pressurize him or get angry with him.

He is willing to write Chinese characters as long as I don't pressurize him or correct him too much.

He is willing to play the piano as long as I don't pressurize him or correct him too much.

He still doesn't take initiative to greet people, which we are working on it.

Last year, this time, he hadn't started to learn how to cycle. This year this time, he has mastered cycling, getting up and down the bike, turning and cycling all by himself.

Last year this time, he could not swim and float from one end of the other end of the pool. This year this time, he can swim from one end of the pool to the other end, although not the right strokes.

29 March 2014 - A picture of us taken by J

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