Sunday 30 March 2014


Cultural Differences

In Singapore, kids are sent for robotics programming and piano class are the number 1 priority. Sending your kids to football is unheard of, at least in my generation. The focus tends to be on academic development.
In Denmark, sending your kids to football is the number 1 priority (yes, even sending your daughters), at an early age before everything else. The focus tends to be on physical development.
In Denmark, people don't ask which enrichment programme you are sending your kids to), but whether you have sent your kids to football. (Enrichment centres? They are non-existence here. But in recent years, some Danes are looking for enrichment centres for their kids, but they are nowhere to be found. Singapore should consider starting some enrichment centres franchise here to take advantage of first mover)
And for us? Treading cultural pole line, we are doing all - so that we fit into both cultures. We are embracing the best of both culture. Hopefully we are making the right decision.

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