Sunday 30 March 2014



J's favorite toy at the moment. Being a Merlion Mom (a friend of mine calls me that, who is herself a Merlion Mom), I am always on a look-out for educational toys that can stimulate J. But I am not very good in following him, rather, I am directing him most of the time, which is running contrary to the Montessori concept of following the child. I am still learning and hopes to be better. This is a weakness of most Asian moms.

J talks a lot about countries and the earth. So I decided to buy this globe when I saw it on discount at a bookshop in our neighbourhood. We have also been talking about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 371 and where the southern Indian Ocean is. J was able to point out where Australia is on his own (since we were in Australia on vacation in January). I need to pray with J for the flight. It is really sad...

It is an instant hit. I should spend more time on the globe for the next few weeks. He also loves the fact that it can light up - it is a lamp. The light actually helps to see the countries on the globe better. Very good quality and I highly recommend.

You can also find it on Amazon:

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