Thursday 15 January 2015


Fruit Yogurt

1. 4 TBS Greek yogurt 2%
2. 1 TBS frozen raspberries thawed and blended
3. 2 tsp maple syrup
4. Sprinkle of musli

1. Stir raspberry sauce and maple syrup together.
2. Sprinkle with some musli and serve.

Additional Information:
The natural Greek yogurt always goes uneaten in our fridge, while my family keeps emptying the store-bought fruit yogurt. Store-bought fruit yogurt is actually not healthy at all, as it contains lots of sugar and not so much real fruit.

I have been wanting to find ways to make Greek yogurt more appealing to my family. Today, I finally got down to experiment. So glad to succeed in concocting this recipe which tastes equally sweet, smooth and thick like the commercial fruit yogurt sold in supermarket, but without loads of sugar and preservatives. It is super-easy to make and much much healthier. Got the taste-bud nods from Florian and Joshie. So goodbye store-bought fruit yogurt for good - finally :-)

I included a mini portion in small jar for our Little FECS' lunchbox. Just want to document the recipe down to remember it. Pardon the color of the pictures. Taken these pictures at night under poor lighting.

Mini portion ingredients:
1. 2 TBS Greek yogurt 2%
2. 2 tsp frozen raspberries thawed and blended
3. 1/2-3/4 tsp maple syrup

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