Sunday, 25 January 2015


J Summary (5Y10M20D) - Making Snowman

25 Jan 2015 (5Y10M20D) - This was the first time my Mr.FECS made a snowman, since our Little FECS was born, but firstly our Little FECS said it looked too Chinese... (but hey, you are a Chinese too, Little FECS!)

and secondly... er... it was this mini size :-)... blame it on the quality of the snow, but at least we could tick off our family tradition calendar for having built a snowman during winter this year ;-)

Then we continued our walk/sledge...

and we found a huge snowman... built by others... er... so we couldn't really blame it on the quality of the snow anymore... :-(

Then we gave this snowman our carrot as nose, so that we could say that we contributed to building part if it :-)
Then we continued walking/sledging...

before the snow melts away...

Time to go home... good bye to the last bit of sunshine...

Walking past the old windmill...

with the ducks keeping us company :-)

No time to make dinner, so we had snack dinner instead with Daddy's favorite homemade 100% real tomato soup all done in 23 mins made from the Phillips soupmaker (which I got from Florian for my Christmas present) and topped with various non-cooked toppings chopped while the soup was cooking in the soup maker and a quick 15 mins oven salmon dish. Nothing fanciful, but super healthy and dinner is made :-)

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