Thursday, 22 January 2015


Montessori Activity: Stamp Game - Static Addition

AGE: 5.5 years (after the child is familiar with the decimal system, Static Addition With Golden Beads and Dynamic Addition With Golden Beads)


To teach addition without using golden deads.


1. Stamp Game
2. Addition worksheet
3. Pencil and eraser
4. 1 mat (optional)


1. Read the first equation i.e.


2. Arrange the stamps showing the first addend e.g. 2535

3. Use a ruler to make a divider under the first addend.

4. Arrange the stamps showing the second addend e.g. 1464

5. Remove the ruler divider.

6.  Move the stamps of the second addend up to join the first addend.

7. Count the stamps starting with the units.

8. Ask your child to say the question, count and write the answer on the paper (if this is not written down along the way earlier), for e.g.


9. Invite your child to try the next equation.



The stamp game is available from Amazon:

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