Saturday 24 January 2015


Old Medals

26 Jan 2015 (5Y10M21D) - Don't throw away your old medals... it could be an inspiration to your children. Our Little FECS is currently crazy about medals, esp. Daddy's medals collected when Daddy was a child. He asked for them, asked questions about them and could not wait for us to retrieve it from the store room. It inspired our Little FECS to strive like Daddy. My medals are all in Singapore, and I didn't even know where they are. Good that Daddy kept his :-)
Our Little FECS found a special place in his playroom to hang Daddy's medals by himself.... aaawwww... melts my heart :-)
I have been wanting to throw away the medals during spring cleaning of our home, but our "Garang guni*" man stopped me. Thank goodness I didn't :-)
* Singlish expression for someone who keeps everything

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