Sunday 11 December 2016


Baby Food of the Day: Fish (6M26D)

11 December 2016 (6M26D): I made millet porridge with fish (torsk) and broccoli, and added olive oil and flavoured with ginger. After a good day yesterday, today was not such a good day. Baby FECS didn't like fish at all. This was the fourth time I experimented with fish. Made me a little sad, as it is very healthy to eat fish, so I hope that she will grow up with a life-long habit to eat fish, but I haven't succeeded in cultivating the interest yet. Daddy FECS said that perhaps the fish wasn't fresh enough, and that maybe I should buy it totally fresh from the fish-man (I bought them from Netto). Wow, that will be a lot of work to shop at different places!!! But I think he could be right. Will try it next time.

It helped a little that I served it with her favorite tomato soup. In that way, I managed to feed a few spoonfuls, still much better than a week ago, when she absolutely refused to eat.

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