Friday 16 December 2016


C Summary: Happy 7th Month Old

Dear Baby FECS

Happy 7th month old. In less than 6 months' time, you will no longer be a baby. Oh how time flies... childhood is so short... and babyhood is shorter still.

Soon Mommy will be back in the office. The most politically correct thing to say at work would be, "Oh I am looking so much forward to be back. It woud be so nice to do something different for a change, and to get some "me time" :-)."

To some moms, this would be true, but to Mommy, this would be pure white lies.

Mommy's most honest answer would be, "Oh I miss my baby so much, is it possible for me to work part-time?"

At best, this is a career-suicidal answer that only a dumb mom would think of saying, and at worst, risk of losing the job.

Would Mommy have the courage (or the stupidity) to tell the truth?

Your Dumb Mommy

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