Tuesday 20 December 2016


J Summary (7Y9M15D): Our Christmas Tree This Year...

With a baby this year, if I manage to eat and sleep, I will be happy already (don't even talk about the laundry that is constantly behind). Thus, this year, we have to let go of our family Christmas traditions... and besides with all the baby equipment lying around at home, there is no space as well. So we did nothing... no nativity scene, no baking, no Christmas decoration, no candles, no lights, nothing.

But our Little FECS insisted of buying this tiny Christmas tree, when we walked past the flower shop. But it is already stressing me out, cos' Baby FECS kept wanting to touch it! After this photo, I will put away everything, and I told our Little FECS that the Christmas tree will reside on his tree and he will go around with it. He laughed.

So this is our Christmas :-) Have a Merry Christmas too :-)

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