Friday 16 December 2016


C Summary: Baby-Swimming

Couldn't remember how it was Iike with J, when he was a baby. For C, in order to bring her for baby-swimming, I need to set off before she naps, then walk her to sleep outside the swimming complex, then brace the cold sitting outside at 3 degree Celsius waiting, while she sleeps for 1-1.5 hour. This is the only way I can fit in her nap time and swimming. If I set off from home only after she wakes, it will be too late to reach the swimming complex on time. Thankfully it is not raining today!!! Dreaming of a cafe and hot chocolate to warm those ice-cold hands.

After all these meticulous planning and enduring icy-cold hands to fit her nap-time and baby-swimming, only for her to be woken up by a bunch of screaming school kids passing by anyway!!! Life... sigh...

We made it for baby-swimming!!! :-)

Can't take the train, can't drive the car... walking 5 km home, so she can fall asleep... oh baby baby sleep SLEEP!!!

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