Sunday 4 December 2016


C Summary (6M18D)

Oh baby, baby... not just challenges with food, nowadays it is hard to even squeeze in the daily D-vitamin drops. When you were younger, whenever I opened my mouth and said "Aaaah," you would be amused and open your  mouth and try to say "Aaaahhhh". Then I can drop in the drops. Now at 6 months old, when I do that, you would just grin at me and keep your mouth shut :-(


  1. This is definitely an incredibly rich resource that you have spent so much valuable time developing, I'll recommend it to parents at our school as well as link to it in our Montessori Resources section so that our teachers can take a look. Thanks! Check us out too at C'e Montessori Preschool in Brooklyn Parents are always begging me for this kind of resource so thanks!

  2. You are most welcome, Fernando. Glad to hear that you have found the information useful :-)


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