Saturday 10 December 2016


Baby Food of the Day: Egg (6M25D)

10 December 2016 (6M25D): Baby FECS saw Our Little FECS eating in church today, and she also wanted some. So she tried egg sandwiches in church and later again at home for dinner.

The Danish authorities advises that eggs can be given to babies from 6 months old (Source: Mad til Børn: Fra skemad til madpakker, Gode råd og godt at vide - Mejeriforeningen.

But I didn't think about giving eggs until today, when egg sandwiches were served at our church.

But I decided to play safe, and introduced only the egg yolk, as it is apparently the protein from egg white that may cause allergy. So I prepared egg yolk for her for dinner and see how she would like it.

Dinner: Chicken mixed whole grain porridge, tomato carrot soup and egg yolk

 I gave her only the egg yolk along with the tomato soup. She was willing to eat it :-)

You can read more about eggs for babies here.

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