Wednesday 28 December 2016


Time Tables Lotto

Age: from 7 years old

Objective: To help children to become more confident with their time tables in a fun way.

It consists of 4 boards for 4 players and the associated cards to match the boards.


Here is how you play:

Additional Information:

Daddy FECS and I played this with J (7Y9M23D) today. He knew all the answers from his board and could do all of them. We had a lot of fun with it. It is a fun way to help kids to master time table. It is more suited for kids who have already been exposed to multiplication and are finding a way to consolidate learning. We played the Game 2 matching equivalents. Next time we would play the Game 3 Bingo.

28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

 28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

 28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

 28 December 2016 (7Y9M23D)

We bought this fraction board game from Amazon:

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