Thursday 8 December 2016


Toy of the Day: Teddy-Bear (6M23D)

8 December 2016 (6M23D): I noticed recently that C loves to crawl over to touch the teddy bear the instructor is holding at Babysalmesang, and was totally delighted when the instructor hold the teddy bear and sing. Maybe she is into cuddly soft toys now, so I prepared this for her. I must find time to also make a play with the teddy bear, when she plays with it.

Picked this up from baby-swimming, and so I sang that to her:

"Teddy-bear, Teddy-bear, up and down
Teddy-bear, Teddy-bear, turn around
Teddy-bear, Teddy-bear, to-&-fro"

Hmmm... after 30 seconds, C preferred o play with the basket, rather than the teddy-bear, which is also fine. The basket is more interesting, and it is the toy to the her now.

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